Thursday, October 06, 2005

a penny for your thoughts

still more training, still no phone connection :) life goes on. i spent most of the day doing some online training modules - very, very brain numbing stuff but it has to be done. i finally took in some of my desk trophies to make it look more like my desk - my homer simpson doll, some ladybirds, my lucky penny - it is something that i cannot do in the first few days as i think it might seem a little strange (well, ok, a little more strange than i already am...). i'll gradually take in all the bits and pieces i need to feel at home. the whole emotional response to the comfort zone boundaries being stretched to their outer limits has been quite interesting. i have regressed to some very ancient thought and behaviour patterns - at least these days i am more adept at recognising these patterns, it is no longer an automatic, subconscious thing; it has just taken me some time to work out that it was happening.

an 11 day which is 110% of the RDDHA. a gazillion million bonus points for 3 cutest jack russell pups in the mid city centre pet store - i got to pat them and was sooooo close to taking all three home with me.

music to my ears
karma : delerium
songs for polar bears : snow patrol
when it's all over, we still have to clear up : snow patrol
vega 95.3
abc 702