Sunday, October 23, 2005

weekend roundup

i meant to post on friday night but fell asleep on the couch about 10pm and woke up, twisted and uncomfortable, at 3.15am.

saturday morning was wasted on aimless websurfing - adsl makes it too easy!

harryo came over on saturday afternoon to rifle through my cd collection - he is intrigued by all the music i list on my wee bloggy as he has never heard of most of it. we then went across to the other side of the pond to vist mr, who had a birthday on thursday. we sampled mr's homebrew (i had a small taste but to me all beer tastes like, well, beer - the homebrew was ok though, a nice fruity belgian style but it still had that basic beer flavour). we drank some champagne to celebrate the birthday and got thai food delivered. a very nice relaxed night.

today i got up early to get the washing done and then went off to the dendy opera quays to see 'me and you and everyone we know' - a great film although at the beginning, the soundtrack went a bit crazy and there was an earsplitting noise instead of dialogue - not sure if it was part of the movie or a problem in the projection room.

i hope you all had a good weekend too!

unconscious mutterings
1. Infiltration:: penetration
2. Nice person:: not such a...
3. Debt:: credit card
4. Settle down:: ...if you want, you can marry
5. Thomas:: the tank engine
6. Unforgivable:: inexcusable
7. Medicine:: man
8. A year from now:: october 2006
9. Neighbors:: everybody needs good neighbours
10. Dripping:: beef...

a 20 three days which is 66.6666% of the RTDDHA

music to my ears
the invitation : thirteen senses
the back room : the editors
cuttings : the editors
funeral : arcade fire
vega 95.3