Thursday, October 13, 2005

sticks and stones

i feel like i am finding my life again. being back in the big end of town, i am catching up with friends i have not seen for a long time. a very nice sushi train lunch with hl; i worked with her for years at two diffent places of employment. it was really nice to catch up.

did 3hrs overtime tonight - cabcharge vouchers are provided if you work after 7pm - unheard of at the old grind!! every day i learn something new and find something else to like about my new employer. if i'm not careful, the blahs might disappear for good...

a 3 day which is 30% of the RDDHA. bon(e)us points for the the 'stick' dog - i see him a lot. he is almost an exact replica of my dad's last dog and every time i see him, he is carrying a whole bunch of big sticks in my mouth. he always looks very happy.

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