Monday, October 24, 2005


still plodding along. i'm sure there will be something exciting to blog about shortly.

ooh, i just remembered!! my other amazon treasure arrived today - i better play it now!

monday madness! otto says "How about one more week of 'this or that?' Have fun! And thank you for playing!".

1. diamonds or pearls? diamonds, even though pearls are my birthstone (allegedly, pearls represent tears...)
2. paperback or hardcover books? paperback
3. carpet or hardwood floors? hardwood, one day...
4. dogs or cats? um, i think that will be dogs, without a doubt...
5. fluffy or firm pillow? doesn't matter as long as i have plenty of them
6. fine point or medium point pens? all points and lots of thick, blunt calligraphy pens - i am a stationery slut
7. clocks a little fast or on time? on time
8. mahjong or spider solitaire (or other)? both, all!! i am a solitaire addict
9. wall calendar or desk calendar? both
10. 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race?' neither

a 13 day which is 130% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
no cities left : the dears
vehicles & animals : athlete - nice!
vega 95.3