Sunday, February 15, 2004

another lazy day

still coughing, not quite a bark anymore but still very unattractive... the divine miss e stopped by for a quick visit to deliver some lovely aloe vera tissues and a fresh box of strepsils. i'll say it again, that girl is a treasure and i am very lucky to have her as a friend.

another day spent resting - and again my definition of resting is surfing the web till my eyes ache, chatting to interesting people on all parts of of the globe (including several hours again chatting to colorado tim - another treasure) and blog tweaking (in this case trying to set up that webring i mentioned...)...

i did get the washing done but that was just so i have clean underwear... oops, probably tmi

oh well, enough blubbering, here are some

  1. Dragon:: fire
  2. Molecule:: atom
  3. Tire:: exhaust
  4. Mighty:: mouse
  5. Octane:: high
  6. Troll:: doll
  7. Atmosphere:: ozone layer
  8. Guide:: brownie
  9. Leash:: dog
  10. Dustmite:: asthma

oh bugger, i just checked the tv to see if there are any movies worth watching - bridget jones's diary is on - guess what i'll be doing tonight... that's right, crying over colin & hugh... mmm... colin... mmm... hugh... so glad i've got those extra tissues...