Sunday, February 22, 2004

sun day...

bloody hot here today. 27C/80F but it felt much worse. the humidity was the worst part of it. 23C/73F forecast for tomorrow - yeah!!

met up with miss e for a coffee and a spot of grocery shopping today - as usual, we just wanted to get a few things and ended up buying much more than planned... i've hardly seen her all week so it was lovely to catch up with her. she always keeps me in good spirits.

mustn't grumble so will just do some

  1. Angel:: of the morning
  2. Birth:: day suit
  3. Logic:: reason
  4. Stars:: in their eyes
  5. Nursery:: rhyme
  6. View:: from a bridge
  7. Hart:: wildebeest
  8. Creation:: destruction
  9. End:: of the line
  10. Fortune:: favours the brave