Friday, February 20, 2004


with a bad case of cabin fever and the cough appearing to be under control, i ventured out to beastgardens to finally see lordoftherings:returnoftheking!!! omg!! what a fabulous ending to a fabulous filmic trilogy of the most fabulous of tales... there was a lot more of that gorgeous redhead, david wenham, as faramir - if you need to see more of one of australia's best actors, check out 'the boys' and 'better than sex'. i'm still flabbergasted many hours later and have 3 more free tickets... mmm... what will i do this weekend??? there are three other cinemas where it is still showing...

a day of blessings all round for the third daughter:

online chats with colorado tim and kd in the uk, a phone chat with the divine miss e.

the three books that cg sent only yesterday, arrived today! (i promise not to bitch about australia post for at least one month now!) being the angel that she is, she enclosed 2 movie money vouchers - this girl is the original treasure in my life!

the best news! an astounding and amazing ~*~25 dog day~*~ only 4 were actual street sightings - at the petshop at beastgardens i was transported to susan heaven - they had about 5 labrador pups and at least 5 golden retrievers, 4 gorgeous little jack russells, a fox terrier pup sharing a space with a schnauzer and a few fuzzy ones whose breeds were unknown. i just hope that all of these gorgeous little creatures go to good homes.

well enough blessings for me. i hope that all who read this have a day of blessings too.