Thursday, February 19, 2004

questions! questions! here are some answers...

oh, i am such a sucker for these things (found here via comments at wednesday whatevers)...

[Wallet] black, leather, paid way too much for it. it has enough slots to hold ALL of my cards (with a few to spare!!)
[Toothbrush] colgate, no idea of 'model', needs replacing...
[Underwear] none of your business - if you really want to know (pervert!), leave a comment...
[Shoes] barefoot right now
[Favorite shirt] two creamy coloured 'marle' t-shirts i bought at target in 1998 and they're still going strong
[Favorite pants] for going out, black linen with white flower motif. for casual days, blue cotton with drawstring waist
[CD in stereo right now] karma - delirium. only because this girl made me (thanks!)
[Tattoos] 1
[Piercings] 4 - two in each ear
[What you are wearing now] pale blue shirt, blue shorts
[Do you believe in love] sometimes
[Do you believe in soul mates] yes
[Do you believe in love at first sight] yes
[What do you want done with your body when you die] organ donation of anything worth recycling followed by cremation and scattering into the wind...
[What are you gonna do when youre older?] hopefully continue to get older...
[What band are you listening to now?] delirium
[Look out your window...tell me what you see] the wall of the building next door, blue sky with fluffy white clouds above that, tops of the trees in the school behind me
[If you could have any animal for a pet?] orangutan, but only if i lived in the sumatran jungle
[What is the longest youve ever stayed up?] 4 days - coming home from london via moscow 1990
[ When was the last time you ...]
[Smiled?] this morning when i got a wake up message from mlb in london
[Laughed?] when miss e called to tell me about her hangover
[Cried?] yesterday after my chest x-ray and scratched glasses outing
[Bought] tissues, yesterday, just before the scratched glasses incident
[Danced?] a long, long time ago... have the rhythm of a rock
[Were sarcastic?] all the time...
[Had a nightmare?] can't remember. don't have them very often
[Last book you read] finished 'last chance saloon'. have started 'the point' again from the beginning.
[Last movie you saw] at cinema, 'big fish' (well, most of it...) on tv, 'bridget jones's diary'
[Last thing you had to drink?] a cup of tea made with condensed milk - needed the 'comfort food' factor
[Last thing you had to eat] boiled eggs on toast (with vegemite - yum!), finally, but i overcooked them...

more later...