Sunday, February 29, 2004

a very lovely day today

had a nice sleep in until 8.30am. my friend jen called just before 11 to say she was in the area, so met up with her for coffee and lunch at the vietnamese noodle bar. her 15 month old son, jj, is soooo gorgeous - i want one too!! he has inherited his parent's 'foody' lifestyle already and one of his favourite words is 'yum'. i'm sure he'll be a master chef by the age of 5. it was very lovely to catch up with jen and little jj. her hubby j is also doing well with a whole bunch of new business ventures. i've not seen enough of this family of treasures lately, so i hope to see more of them this year.

later on, i met up with miss e in the city to see 'mystic river' at last. what a disappointment! i got bored and had a wee nap somewhere in the middle... after all the anticipation, this film was nowhere near as good as the hype suggests...

had another lovely long phone chat with eg in nz tonight. again, the conversation just gets more and more interesting.

i'm declaring today a personal thanksgiving day - i'm very lucky to have these fabulous friends in my life.

i found this idea at shirl's (via ferrolad) and decided to give it a whirl myself... i entered my wee bloggy in the google search bar like this '' and got 28 results. mostly other blogs but the most interesting was the last one... like i need this... ha ha ha...

enough laughter, now it's time for some

  1. Hollywood:: hills
  2. Censor:: ship
  3. Nascar:: not interested
  4. Lube:: mobile, your mobile mechanic
  5. Mortgage:: i rent
  6. Freedom:: of speech
  7. Champion:: tobacco
  8. Reality TV:: bullshit (but i still end up watching big brother...)
  9. New York:: 2 days in may 1990
  10. Tease:: me

i'm off to sleep now. see you tomorrow...