Saturday, March 12, 2005

lost in the plot

i've been floating around real life and the net but not finding much to blog about...

thursday night, went to see 'hitch' - a social club freebie. everybody else thought it was fabulous. i'm not like everybody else...

friday workday was consumed with fundraising for the leukaemia foundation 'shave for a cure'. two of the guys had their heads shaved, the rest went for the coloured hair spray. there are pictures but i've left the usb cable for my camera at work so i'll post my pink hair on monday...

tonight i'm going to a very rare event - an engagement party... i cannot remember the last time i was invited to an engagement party. most people i know have already been married and divorced (sometimes twice!) and now they just live in sin... it is even more rare as neither of the happy couple have been engaged/married before. i think it will be a fun night at kt and miss shell are going and some others from the office.

music to my ears
some cities : doves
hot fuss : the killers
abc 702