Tuesday, March 08, 2005


the lovely saffron has mentioned stroopwafels several times recently on her delicious blog. i was intrigued and was determined to find some. there is a neat little deli near my office, the continental european type with lots of smelly deli-meats and scary looking smoked fish & more delicious things like dried figs filled with mascarpone cheese... mmm... just the place to find dutch wafers with caramel filling. the man who runs the shop promised to get me some and sure enough, swissboy came back from a morning tea stroll and waved his purchase under my nose. first stop at lunchtime? the deli... on the way home from work, i stopped in at the village shopping centre for some vegetables and had a quick look in the equally neat local continental deli - guess what i found?? stroopwafels!! they were right under my nose all along! these were a different brand so of course i had to buy another pack in order to compare... all things in moderation... they are very morish little morsels...

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no cities left : the dears
some cities : doves
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when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
hot fuss : killers
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