Monday, March 28, 2005

muttering madly...

oops, i forgot that sometimes it's all about meme...

  1. I’m waiting:: for that final moment
  2. Speak:: in tongues
  3. Roger...:: wilco
  4. Knock knock:: knock on wood
  5. Hybrid:: tea rose
  6. Can’t believe my eyes:: optical illusion
  7. Hooked:: on a feeling
  8. Pontificate:: papacy
  9. Slime:: ball
  10. Unwelcome:: visitor
monday madness! otto says 'Let's have some fun! More fill-in-the-blanks! =)'

1. new year's eve is more fun to celebrate than any other holiday.
2. The last vacation I took was to newcastle, yesterday... seriously? um, last 'go somewhere' vacation? easter 2003 - 2 weeks with my family at my sister's house up the coast. possibly the worst holiday i've had. way too stressful....
3. The next vacation I plan to take will be to visit nisi for her birthday party.
4. I'd really like to be more financially stable.
5. I can't remember the last time I spent more than 24 hours away from the internet.
6. The book I last read is the da vinci code.
7. The last program I installed on my computer was mp3 player.
8. When it comes to food, my weakness is chocolate.
9. I really look forward to spending time at home, by myself.

The last one is not a fill-in-the-blank, but a challenge........(completely optional, my friends!)
10. Choose a person's blog in the comment section, and welcome others to visit it, by leaving a link to their blog in your entry today.