Monday, March 28, 2005

fresh mountain air

up early to catch the 9.02am train to leura. it was only a four car train and it seemed that every man and his dog was going to the mountains today. by the time my mum joined the train at westmead, i'd had to fight off a million people for the seat next to me that i was saving for her. both leura and katoomba were a bit of a disappointment. there are less and less real local craft shops and more and more shops full of tourist tackiness. the beautiful weather made up for any losses on the shopping front - 19°C with lots of sunshine and big fluffy clouds. mum managed to find a little green depression glass vase and a book of sewing/embroidery stuff in one of the katoomba 2nd hand shops and we got some yummy sourdough bread from the bakery.

a fan-freaking-tastic 36 day which is 360% of the RDDHA - YEAH!

music to my ears
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kicking the national habit : grand national
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