Sunday, July 10, 2005

blown away

an indoors sort of day - windy, wet weather is the perfect excuse to stay in. life does go on so i did some washing and then went for a brief round-the-block walk and visited the supermarket with miss e.

happy birthday wishes to my old mate, sb. i don't mean old just because he is 53, but old in that i have known him for a long time :)

unconscious mutterings
1. Do-it-yourself:: will
2. Pickpocket:: the artful dodger
3. Ballet:: slippers
4. Resumé:: interview
5. Phenom:: phenomena
6. Love/Hate:: relationship
7. Unusual:: eccentric
8. Intense:: extreme
9. Interruption:: disruption
10. Not enough:: money

a 2 sunday which is 20% of the RDDHA and more than i expected considering that the weather is so awful.