Saturday, July 23, 2005

woof, bark, arf, bow-wow, ruff

an absolutely amazing, astounding, unprecedented
63 ( yes, count 'em - S I X T Y    T H R E E ) day
which is an astonishingly satisfying 630% of the RDDHA!!!
susan heaven

miss e and i ended up going to balmain today. we got the ferry there and back - it was a perfect day for chugging across the harbour - sunshine and blue skies and a decidely spring like temperature of 21°C. the balmain market has some funky stuff. i was mostly well behaved and only bought a 2nd hand book (the gift of story - three decades of UQP short stories : chock full of short stories by australian writers and edited by marion halligan, my favourite aussie author), a little cactus plant to sit on my windowsill, some pretty floral cellophane wrapping paper and three small morroccan 'carpet' wall hanging things (only $2 each - photo to come when i work out how and where to hang them). we had a 'japanese pizza' for lunch - chicken, shredded carrot, cabbage & white and green onion cooked on a thin crepe like base with a little bit of teriyaki sauce slurped over the top - delicious and something that could easily be made at home. after lunch we wandered along both sides of darling street, checking out the all too abundant little shops that sell pretty things. again, i was restrained and only bought some incense and a cute elephant incense holder. i was very tempted to buy a gorgeous velvet 'geisha' blanket but at $155 it would have broken the budget. a trip to balmain is not complete without a visit to victoire bakery for some of their fabulous sourdough bread. a quick afternoon tea and muffin break gave us the energy for the walk back to the ferry wharf - the public transport fairies were looking out for us at every turn today. we did not have to wait more than a few minutes (if at all) for bus or ferry. all in all, a fantastic saturday - the sort that would raise the uncheeriest of spirits.

music to my ears
addicted romantic : faker
antics : interpol
turn on the bright lights : interpol
open season : british sea power
australian made pop retrospective 1971-2000 (34 influential songs that defined the australian pop music scene) : a $10 purchase from fish records. there are 3 songs that i really love and a few others that i like, so it was worth it.