Monday, July 04, 2005

on the up

my mood has improved considerably today. i really have no right to witch & binge about my life - i have good friends who love me despite my grumpy-old-woman demeanour, the rent is paid and i have a job (even though i hate it, it is better than not having one but i still intend to leave it as soon as possible). i am endeavouring to put a smile on my dial and go to work and do the best i can. in the meantime, i've submitted an application for an interesting government position - more on that later, if anything happens...

taking a cue from neil, instead of blogging my usual rubbish, i was going to share something about me... problem is, i can't think of anything i am willing to put here, right now... maybe later...

monday madness! otto says 'Here's this week's fill in the blanks..... Thanks to each and every one of you for playing my meme! =)'

1. I have the hardest time finding happiness and holding on to it when i have it.
2. As soon as I can afford it, I'm buying a house... it probably will never happen but at this point in time i have everything else i need.
3. I should probably eat more green vegetables and fresh fruit.
4. When old friends come around, it always brings back wonderful memories.
5. I remember my favorite childhood toy; it was a teddy bear. i gave him a haircut and wondered why it never grew back and i once left him on a bus stop seat after a trip to see dad's cousin - i was grief stricken until he was returned..
6. If I had to describe my computer desk in one word, it would have to be neat - luck of the draw - normally it is covered in crap :).
7. I could only wish the person running this meme would ask more questions about the player's real lives.
8. If I had to come up with one question to add to a future 'Monday Madness' it would be: 'What is one unique or unusual habit that you have?'.

an 8 day which is 80% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
silent alarm : bloc party
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