Sunday, July 17, 2005

fly away home...

back to my nest. the weekend was ok, spoilt and well fed. mum and i went to check out the new shopping centre at blacktown - still unfinished but bloody huge. went to a trash & treasure market at the old drive-in this morning with mum, my sister and my niece. luckily, there was more trash than treasure so my purse remained unviolated.

unconscious mutterings

1. Tolerate:: suffer
2. Release:: exhale
3. My soul:: satisfy...
4. Sax:: & violins
5. HP:: sauce
6. Worth:: a thousand words
7. Rockstar:: je suis un...
8. Terrify:: terrorise
9. Knock me off my feet:: pull the rug out
10. Taunt:: jeer

a plenty weekend which is plenty % of the RWDHA

music to my ears
the best of : new order
channel [V]
music max
(it's good when your parents have cable tv)