Monday, July 18, 2005

bully for you

uugghh!! i am slowly giving up any hope about last weeks job interview. i thought they might at least contact me to let me know that i don't have the job. the way things stand right now, i am considering finding a long term temp job rather than hanging out for a permanent one. the reason for this decision is because one of the nicest people in our office has been bullied out of her senior position and forced into another lower position. i am flabbergasted and horrified at the way she has been treated. she has taken the matter up with a senior manager but i fear the person who instigated this atrocity is way too cunning and will weasel her way out of being taken to task for her actions. i really don't think i can wait much longer to make my escape because i really don't want to work in a company where this sort of behaviour is condoned.

at least there is some good news! the winter music fest has arrived. tomorrow night, it's doves at the metro and thursday night it's bloc party at the same venue - yippeeeeeeeee!!

monday madness! otto says '....and the last of the questions offered by our participants are below. Thanks to everyone for playing! =)'

1. Mal asks... What is the last thing you do at night? um, fall asleep...
2. Wil asks... Where were you when the lights went out? i was probably sleeping
3. Andrea asks... What's on your refrigerator? i'll recycle this answer just because i can
4. Jenny asks... What is your ideal vacation spot? travelling around france and italy sampling all the delicious foods and wines
5. Kia asks... What's the sexiest language in the world? without a doubt, i have to say spanish
6. Zeno asks... Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star and had that wish come true? yes, made the wish / no, it did not come true - do wishes ever come true??
7. Bunnykissd asks... We're more than halfway through the year now; how are you doing with your New Year's resolutions? my new year's resolution was not to make any new year's resolutions - i managed to keep it so far.

a 12 day which is 120% of the RDDHA

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