Monday, July 11, 2005

positive tension

not a bad for a monday, despite some things going down at work that just confirm my decision to escape as soon as i am able. i have my interview tomorrow, so i'm stressing about what to wear. i will have to have an early night as i need to get to work early enough to leave with enough time to get there. wish me luck!!

monday madness! otto says 'Thank you to everyone who offered questions last week. Since I received 14 suggestions, I am posting 7 this week and 7 next week. The following questions are from our participants; names are links to their blogs. Thanks again!'

1. What book are you currently reading? (from dawn)
i'm currently between books - have just finished 'my lover's lover' by maggie o'farrell (excellent read!) and will soon start 'a patchwork planet' by anne tyler which was sent to me by the lovely shirl.

2. Have you ever experienced the loss of a pet? How did you deal with it? Would you get a new pet, and why? (from peanutbutterfly)
so many childhood pets are buried in my parents yard. the usual way to cope was to cry and then have a proper pet funeral and burial. we always had more than one pet at any given time (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, goldfish, mice). we would generally always end up with another one as my father is an animal lover and could not resist a homeless animal. all of our dogs were strays that we took in from the cold. the last pet of mine to go to the great birdcage in the sky was my little boo boo. i will definitely get another pet of some sort again one day.

3. Is anyone in your family in the armed services? (from teresa)
no, but my father was in the royal australian navy.

4. If you have or have had a girlfriend/boyfriend, did you tell your parents about her/him without them prying for the information? (from shady88)
my family are not the sort to pry but even so, i would not normally discuss the existence of any boyfriends with my family until i knew the guy might be around for a while.

5. What was your favorite childhood pet and tell me a few things about it. (from beth)
too many to pick just one - there was:
henry, the crazy little fox terrier/chihuahua cross
penny, the black labrador who was the gentlest dog ever
sugar, the gorgeous silver german shepherd who had been badly beaten by her previous owners then dumped on the street (it took her a long, long time to trust again)
puss, the tabby cat who liked to sleep in shoe boxes (even though he kinda spilt out over the sides)
monica, the self perpetuating mouse (mum would replace the plain white mouse with a fresh one when the current one went to mouse heaven - i never found out until i was an adult)
dicky and dora, the white ducks who did not like water and never quacked, they just hissed. dora's eggs made the best custard

6. Have you ever been in love? (from seren)
yes, just once

7. What's your favorite activity? (from robyn)
being honest, i would have to say being online and all that goes with it. my name is susan and i am an internet addict...

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