Sunday, August 21, 2005

apples & pears

a much healthier and happier susan today. still not eating much but i'm not that hungry. i made some more stewed apples (with added pears) just because the last batch was soooo yummy. i got distracted by and neglected to stir the pot so it caught on the bottom of the pan. i poured it into another and i think i have saved it - it doesn't have a burnt taste, more a caramelly flavour - yum!

not a lot else to report. got the washing done and did a spot of housework. as usual, have spent way too much time on the net but it's what makes me happy.

unconscious mutterings
1. Fan:: mail
2. Scum:: bag
3. Lily:: of the valley
4. Humid:: sweaty
5. Ghetto:: blaster
6. Remember me?:: blueboy
7. Polished:: bald
8. Compose:: lay out
9. Squish:: bug
10. Future:: past

a 0 day which is 0% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
antics : interpol
turn on the bright lights : interpol
galleon : richard pleasance
colour blind : richard pleasance
short note : matt finish
final straw : snow patrol
songs for polar bears : snow patrol