Thursday, August 11, 2005

good and bad

very much an up and down kind of week.

up : started off well - i managed to get on the air for the 2nd question in the early morning radio quiz but had no idea of the answer. had i known it, i think i could have guessed the next three... i was still half asleep and fear i may have sounded like a dribbling idiot. even so, i was quite chuffed to get through and have the chance to have a wee chat with angela. my morning equilibrium is restored now that her mellifluous tones are back to soothe my troubled mind.

down : the troubled mind is a result of a late afternoon (approx. 3pm) advice that the 'overflow team' would have to be on the phones full time for the rest of the week, starting there and then, as there is no option for the call centre to miss the service standard this week. as it was, i refused to drop everything at that point. the task i was doing has it's own service standard which meant it had to be done yesterday. i won that round but have no choice about the rest of the week.

up : a cup of tea and gossip with miss e. she has been feeling poorly this week, so i popped in to see her on my way home from work.

up : found another interesting job to apply for.

up : a visit from a certain person which cheered me up immensely.

down : tossing and turning until 1.45am as i just did not want to get up and go to work this morning. the stress is starting to get to me.

down : too tired to bother calling in for the quiz. i managed to stay awake to listen to it and did not know a single answer (so maybe that is an up...)

down : dry, angry, itchy skin from the cold windy weather

up : new panics album to listen to and going to see them at the metro on saturday night!!

down : start loop - 'good morning/afternoon, this is susan, how may i help you?', 'is there anything else i can help you with today?', 'thanks for your call?' - repeat from 9am until 5pm

up : a call from one of the agents about one of the jobs i applied for earlier in the week - she was very excited about my cv!! will be chatting with her on monday!!

up : music on my mini ipod to keep me sane

up : a big bottle of mag-min (magnesium pills) - they do me the world of good and may help lift me from this slump i find myself in...

up : tomorrow is friday!!!!

ups : 9
downs : 5
the ups win!! wtf am i whinging about!!

yesterday was a very pleasing 11 day which was 110% of the RWDHA.

today was only a 3 day - 30% of the RDDHA. probably best that the world and his dog stayed in today. the temperature goddess struggled to reach 14°C here and it was windy enough to blow a dog off it's chain!!!

music to my ears
demon days : gorillaz - another one that i have neglected for a while and am now
totally loving it
sleeps like a curse : the panics
tourist : athlete
open season : british sea power
vega 95.3