Tuesday, August 09, 2005

when the bough breaks...

i've been teetering on a very precarious limb while waiting to see if i had moved on to the next phase of the government job. today, the bough broke as i did not make it. i have spent the evening trawling the job sites and there are so few available jobs that suit my skills, temporary or permanent. i have sent off some applications anyway, just to get my cv out there. i really have to find a new job and fast.

does anybody reading this have a well paying job for a smiling, hard working, bad tempered, well organised, trouble-making, friendly, attitudinous, lovable, computer literate, 40 something high school graduate??

just to cement my loser status, vega 95.3 have a 5 question morning quiz and the prize today was two tickets to see jimmy webb. i called the number and was gobsmacked to actually get through. i got put in the queue but never made it on air and i knew all of the answers!!! i will have to try again tomorrow.

10.45pm cheer me update: the jim rose circus is touring again!! november 15 16 & 17 at the footbridge theatre!! yeah!! saw his show last time he was in sydney. cannot remember when it was but it was a lotta lotta fun!! hoping i can organise some tickets even though i'm a bit poor this week. i know of at least three others who will want to go!

luckily i'm a winner with the dishlickers!! an amazing 24 day which is 240% of the RDDHA. a bazillion, million, trillion bonus points for the fabulous 15 capering canines on the bus trip to work!!

music to my ears
vega 95.3