Monday, August 08, 2005

get me out of here!!

another crapulent day at work - on top of the normal hour of call centre drudgery, there was a late afternoon stealth attack to hijack another half hour of my working day. 30 minutes might not sound like a big deal, but whatever is being done at the time has to be dropped in order to start taking calls. i never quite catch up with what i have to do as having to start again on something that was only half done can take just as long again to get it finished. i had a chat with one of the other girls in the backup team afterwards and discovered that i am not the only one to have done a dummy spit about it recently. she was treated with the same sort of disdain and condecension about her 'attitude'. i thought that by now, the idiots in charge might have worked out how stressful it is for us to constantly have our day interrupted and our workload for the day not completed so that we can support a team who don't appreciate our efforts or do anything to sort out their own problems.

i have put my job search on hold until i find out if i have progressed to the next level for the government job i have applied for. it is a long slow process but while i'm still in the running, i can't see the point of applying for anything else. i just hope i have the emotional strength to wait it out. i am sick to death of being on the brink of either tears or total volanic meltdown for most of my working day.

monday madness!

What would you do in the following situations?
1. The store clerk undercharges you for an item you purchase? with most stores now using barcodes and scanners, this is very unlikely to happen. if if did, i would own up to it because i am too honest for my own good.
2. The cashier gives you change for a fifty dollar bill when you only gave her a twenty, and you don't realize it until you're out the door? again, my honest nature would get the best of me and i would go back to the store to sort it out.
3. You see your best friend's husband/wife with another woman/man at a neighborhood restaurant? this has never happened to me, so i really cannot say what i would do. i hope i never have to deal with this sort of thing!
4. Your 15 year old asks you if you ever tried an alcoholic beverage before you were of legal drinking age (and you have)? i would tell them the truth but i would not encourage them to do the same thing.
5. You find a one hundred dollar bill laying on the floor of a department store? my honesty would make me hand it in at the front of the store. i'd hate it if somebody did not do the same if it were me who dropped it (not that i ever have many hundred dollar bills to play with!!). on the street, it is a different matter. i once found $45 sitting on the footpath and there was absolutely nobody about. had i seen somebody drop it, i would have pointed it out to them but in this case, that was not possible. had it been a large sum of money, i would have taken it to the local police station.

a 4 day which is 40% of the RDDHA, plus a million billion bonus points for the schnauzer twins!!

music to my ears
abc 702
vega 95.3 - my favourite breakfast person has moved here so i have to give it a try...