Sunday, August 14, 2005

don't panic

i had a very quiet saturday - after my early night, i slept in until well after 10am then spent most of the day mooching about on the net. some 'panadol sinus' tablets cleared my nose/head enough that i felt well enough to trot off to the metro with miss e to see the the panics. have i told you before how much i love these guys? the support acts were a canadian band 'pilate' who were quite good, unlike the 2nd support, 'howling bells' - they appeared to be more bored than i was...

today was spent at a farewell party with my friend jules and her family. she has accepted a job based in the united kingdom and they will be there for at least two years. i'm hoping i get a great new well-paid job so i can save some money to fly over for a visit *dreams*

unconscious mutterings
1. Idiot:: village...
2. Rocket:: science
3. Liability:: insurance
4. Harmless:: creatures
5. Stringy:: bark
6. Theatre:: sports
7. Gwyneth:: happiness
8. Use it or lose it:: exercise
9. Sonic:: animation
10. Pucker:: up

a 25 weekend which is 125% of the RWDHA

music to my ears
the panics : live!!
the best of : new order
vega 95.3