Saturday, August 20, 2005

things i have learnt this week...

* boiled rice is boring
* stewed apples are so easy to prepare and very yummy
* boiled rice and stewed apples in the same bowl is absolutely delicious
* i can eat vegemite toast without butter
* the same goes for toast with honey
* chai tea is better with milk and sugar
* rosehip and hibiscus tea is quite pleasant
* green tea flavoured with mango is also very nice
* peach iced tea may well become an addiction
* i can move on to steamed vegetables and fish tomorrow - how exciting
* if i don't eat something tasty soon, i will go mad!!!

i am feeling much better but am still sticking with the limited diet as suggested by the quack. i have had a very quiet week with hardly any human contact, except the doctor and the chemist, so when miss e suggested a gentle stroll down to coogee today, i agreed without hesitation. when we left home it was windy & cold, with intermittent spits of rain but we pushed on and i'm glad we did. the wind blew away some mental cobwebs and the oceany goodness restored my soul. we stopped in at the supermarket on the way back. because i cannot have any dairy products until at least tuesday, i went mad in the herbal tea section - there are soooo many different varieteas (tea hee) to try!! i will not have to buy any tea for a long, long time.

a 6 day which is 60% of the RDDHA. 1 million bonus points for the gigantic great dane lounging happily in the back of his human companions ute

music to my ears
where the humans eat : willy mason
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