Wednesday, September 21, 2005


gah!! it's all a bit disorganised which is stressing me just a little bit. i turned up for training this morning (it is being held offsite) only to find that i did not have to be there as i have already done the course with the previous employer. i was sent back to the office, where, of course, they were not expecting me. i ended up spending the morning watching as another girl did her work and just seeing the systems they use. woohoo!! there is an imaging system, so all the work comes to your desktop electronically!! after lunch, i was sitting with another guy and after watching what he did for a while, i processed some account withdrawals. it was quite fun. i have no idea what will happen for the next few days - because i was supposed to be in training for the rest of the week and beyond, they have not got a system login or a desk for me as yet. tomorrow, i'll just turn up and do what they ask.

despite the stress, this job is going to be good for my health! i was very spoilt in the last few months - one small block from the morning bus to the office and a quick skip across the street in the afternoon. now, it is at least 6 blocks walk in the morning and because i absolutely hate having to stand in the bus going home (or not get my choice of seat), i have been walking down to circular quay to get the bus home. this means 6 blocks with enough of an incline to make me puff a bit, followed by about 4 blocks down to the quay. my pedometer does not quite know what has happened to it!! it is reaching figures never seen before!! there is also a company gym in the basement and it only costs $8 per week - i might as well capitalise on all the good work the walking will be doing and go crunch some abs or whatever it is that you do at a gym...

a 5 day which is 50% of the RDDHA

music to my ears
the final straw : snow patrol
songs for polar bears : snow patrol - gary lightbody's voice is very soothing
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