Friday, September 30, 2005


labour day long weekend here in beautiful sunny sydney - three days of unadulterated me time!!

i'm so glad it is friday. my brain is fuller than full. after finalising the training, we had a long lunch and then went back to the office for a tour of the the building and a meet & greet with the managers. i spent the rest of the afternoon with my team and there were drinks and our department's manager did a presentation on how he expects things to happen under the new structure. the team seem really nice but shy susan took over so i did not hang around long. my comfort zone has been pummelled lately and i did not have the energy for it to be stretched any further. there is still a lot to learn as far as procedures and products go but that will be ok and i'm looking forward to getting stuck into some real work on tuesday.

the lovely miss e got in early this morning scored us some tickets to see franz ferdinand again - this time at the enmore theatre. they are not playing until january 2006, so i have plenty of time to decide what to wear...

a 20 two days which is 100% of the RDDDHA

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