Sunday, September 04, 2005

oops!! i forgot to say...

...that i was off to the ancestral home for the weekend...

now for the roundup:

the day before yesterday:
went to paddy's market with my parents, visiting sister and niece (the other sister's daughter) and all i bought was a blank video tape to record rage on saturday night.
went to the local bowling club for an early father's day dinner with the parents and both my sisters and one brother-in-law.

went to fairfield markets - the never ending market. everytime we thought we had come to the end, we found more stalls to look at. all i bought there was some mandarins, limes and a small bag of real italian torrone - yum!
had a scrumptiously yummy turkish banquet dinner on saturday night to celebrate the birthday of j of the j-j-j's - a divine family that i don't see enough of.

slept in, bacon & egg breakfast cooked by my mother, sydney sister and niece visited for father's day, came home.
a nice long chat (online & phone) with the currently reappeared mr kim - the thing i like most about this man is his ability to make me laugh - the really good belly laught that i don't let loose often enough.

*sob* back to work *sob* i spoke to one of the human resource consultants at my alleged new employer on friday. i had to do some psychometric testing (which i have done online today). i'm sooooo hoping that this will all be sorted sooner rather than later. life goes on and i'm doggedly hanging on to my positive mental attitude.

unconscious mutterings
1. Julie:: do you love me?
2. Emotional:: cripple
3. Head of household:: that would be me
4. Diva:: annie lennox
5. Devastation:: storm
6. Business or pleasure:: pleasure, please
7. Crown:: of thorns
8. Eastern:: suburbs
9. Buzzed:: bumble bee
10. Officer:: man in uniform... mmm...

a 35 three day interval which is 116% of the R3DDHA

music to my ears
no cities left : the dears
kicking the national habit : grand national
vega 95.3