Friday, September 23, 2005


despite the fact that i know i will love my new job, i am sooooooooo glad this week is over. my brain is full. back to training all of next week and the following monday the real work will begin. basically the whole department is going through a total restructure and all the current teams will be changed and moved. i have met some people who will be in my team and i'm hoping one of the girls in training will be in the team too. we get along quite well and it will be nice to have a buddy who is also new. it will be interesting to see where we all end up.

oops! oops! oops! i forgot to go mad!! better late than never!!

monday madness! otto says ' Good Monday morning! Please answer the following questions in your blog and don't forget to come back and leave us your link! Thanks for playing...'

1.:: When you're stressed out, what do you do to relieve your stress? stomp about, play loud music and sing along (badly), cry, swear, have comfort eating binges (sometimes all at once!)
2.:: Are you normally a patient person, or is patience NOT one of your virtues? um, i am mostly patient but only up to a certain point; after that, you don't want to test it...
3.:: How many times a week do you blog? at least daily, sometimes twice
4.:: How many memes a week do you participate in? just two, monday madness and unconscious mutterings
5.:: Describe the perfect day, weather-wise. cool in the morning (about 15°C), followed by a dry sunny day with a maximum temp of about 23-24°C, with a light breeze and the occasional fluffy white cloud drifting across a dazzlingly blue sky. pretty much like it has been lately here in beautiful downtown sydney.
6.:: Would you rather be too hot, or too cold? too cold - you can always put on more clothes and turn up the heater.
7.:: Do you eat out often, and if so, what type of restaurants do you frequent? no, but when i do, it is usually thai, vietnamese or japanese - cheap and cheerful.
8.:: If you could run your own business, what type of business would it be? cafe/bookstore or dog grooming salon

a 15 day which is 150% of the RDDHA with a gazillion hugs for one of yesterday's cute puppies, left by himself in the pet store today - his little friend has been claimed.

music to my ears
elemental : tears for fears
everybody loves a happy ending : tears for fears
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