Monday, September 12, 2005

last days

i don't know if i have the patience to last the week. now that i am in the last days of headset hell, it is hard to settle. i just can't wait till friday at 4.30pm when i can walk away from that place for the last time. i will then walk straight back in and get a visitor pass so that i can take part in the social club trivia quiz. it is the one and only social club event so far this year, so i have no intention of missing it!

one aspect of my current job is to be the administration contact for about 40 of our employer customers. each time i contact them this week, i am letting them know that i will be moving on and they are all so sad and tell me how wonderful i am. i'm seriously thinking of asking them to put that in writing...

a 9 day which is 90% of the RDDHA

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cast of thousands : elbow
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