Tuesday, September 06, 2005

little miss muffett

i got into work this morning at about 8.45am. the little red light on my phone was lit so i dialled up the voicemail only to hear miss e in an utterly distraught state, sobbing like mad. i was immediately worried as her parents are currently overseas and i thought something might have happened to them. i called her up and it turned out that a rather large huntsman spider had crept into her flat at sometime during the night and had taken residence on her wall. she was completely terrified. unlike miss e, who grew up in bonnie spider-free scotland, i have grown up with these beasties hanging around the house. they are totally harmless and always stay well out of reach up near the ceiling. my mother has always called them 'fred' so that is the name i give to any that care to visit me. anyway, i explained the harmlessness and the fact that mr spider was probably more scared of her and talked to her for a bit until she had calmed down - she made it into work by about 10am. she did ask me to escort her into her flat this evening to check if fred had moved on but sadly he hadn't. the poor girl was beside herself. despite my assurances that he was not going to harm her and would probably disappear again overnight, that only made it worse - she would not know if he had in fact gone or was just hiding, planning his nefarious attack. she ended up getting the owner of zellini's, the cafe downstairs to come up and help out. he got up on the stepladder with a plastic container and deftly scooped up the big nasty spider and got the lid on before he could escape. she is a much happier girl now and i am happy that the look of terror has left her face.

apart from the spider inspired drama and another two hour stealth call centre backup attack, today was good. some of my workmates have expressed sorrow at my imminent departure and one of my employers was most upset when i told her that i would be moving on. i got a bit weirded out when i thought to myself, "maybe i should stay" - aaarrgghh!!!

a 3 day which is 30% of the RDDHA

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** no spiders were harmed in the writing of this blog - fred was released into the wilds of the council carpark, where there are lots of lovely trees for him to hide in.