Thursday, September 22, 2005


after a bad start, thursday turned out ok. there was the same confusion about what to do with me but eventually it was sorted. i now know where to be and what i'll be doing. yeah! i even have my id card (with the standard ugly photo) so i can actually gain access to the floor i'm on rather than relying on the kindness of strangers or tailgating behind someone who has a pass.

only a 2 day which is 20% of the RDDHA, but a bazillion bonus bones as the two were a pair of adorably cute maltese terrier/chihuahua cross puppies in the mid-city centre pet store. i had to go up there at lunchtime for a doggy vision because the morning bus trip yielded a big zero!

music to my ears
songs from the big chair : tears for fears
elemental : tears for fears
vega 95.3