Friday, August 06, 2004

faking friday

a 4 dog day - the first sighting, while on the bus coming home from work, was a little pug marching importantly down oxford street. i sooooo want a pug of my own.

there was a raffle at work today. i bought 8 tickets but only filled in 5 then handed the book onto vm, who sits next to me. i realised while she was filling in hers that i had to get three more, so vm handed the book to me and we joked about her winning a prize with her first 3 tickets... ha ha ha... guess who had tickets 45-49 and 53-55 and guess again who won 2nd prize with ticket 50??? the way i see it, if i was meant to win, i would have had the right ticket. even i had ticket 50, it would not have been drawn out. such is life.

happiness challenge:
i'm a winner in the friends raffle. this evening, miss e and i went to the spot and got some noodles from nooddi, some cider from the bottle shop and some ice cream from sugarplum then came home, sat on the couch and watched tele.

today's soundtrack:
the final straw : snow patrol
it's too late : evermore (the support band single i bought at the snow patrol/keane gig - good stuff!)
the last broadcast : doves