Sunday, August 15, 2004

weekend wrap-up

up early on saturday and got the train out to blacktown where i met up with j and baby j. we went to penrith for the pet expo. there were soooooooooooooo many dogs and i got to pat nearly all of them. there were all sorts of dogs but my favourites were the dingos, the norwegian elkhounds, the manchester terrier, the greyhounds and the basenji. the cutest dog was a little black german short-haired pointer puppy - he was gorgeous! i even got to pat a snake...

last night was spent over at miss e's flat. we had a pizza delivered and celebrated saturday with a bottle of freixenet and another of rose. we had a long d&m about life, the universe and all men are bastards, we laughed, we cried and then we went down the road to a construction site where there is a billposter for the next eskimo joe concert that we are going to. i snapped a photo of the poster on my new phone-cam and when i work out how to email it to myself, i'll post it here.

today we went to see 'before sunset' courtesy of this month's filmink freebie. a lovely, lovely film. i'm going to try to find 'before sunrise' - the local video store does not have it but i'm sure it is available.

  1. Server:: nt 4.0
  2. Charlotte:: north carolina
  3. Jackson:: pollock
  4. Resentment:: anger
  5. Controlling:: dominating
  6. Intense:: extreme
  7. November:: nine
  8. Donkey:: inky pinky ponky
  9. Weave:: warp & weft
  10. Satisfies:: snickers
happiness challenge:
i have to do a double happiness today to cover for yesterday.
saturday's is fairly obvious - a gazillion dog day!
today i am happy that i'm not as unhappy as i have been lately (weirdlogic'r'us...)

weekend soundtrack:
the runaway found : the veils
a house on a street in a town i'm from : the panics
the final straw : snow patrol
hopes & fears : keane
the last broadcast : doves

p.s. sorry about friday night's bad tempered posting... i sure did have my grump on. anger does not sit well on my shoulders and it tends to have physical side effects if i hold on to it. this time, i let it get to me and it took it's toll. my anger is justified and i've done what i need to do to remove it. i try not to let this stuff seep into my wee bloggy but i'm finding that it helps when i put it somewhere outside of my head.