Thursday, August 19, 2004

one of those days...

i got to work (very late) at 10am then promptly spilled my coffee all over my desk... luckily it missed the hardware but i can tell you that paper goes a lovely colour when bathed in coffee. i can also tell you that coffee made with soya milk is very hard to mop up - it kind of just spreads further, the more you try to soak it up... at least i learned something from the experience...

what a great way to start the day (not). feeling severely decaffeinateed i had a little cry then cleaned up the mess. as soon as that was done it was time to get another coffee. the divine danny at i'm starving very kindly gave me another and would not let may pay for it - thanks!

not much else to report. i'm sooooooooo looking forward to friday because then this week is over.

happiness challenge:
err.. um.. fresh passionfruit.

today's soundtrack:
the runaway found : the veils