Tuesday, August 03, 2004

tuesday marinara

a very windy day today. i hope my roof stays on.

i had lunch with miss marina again today. i'm so glad we have refound our friendship.

happiness challenge:
a 7 dog day. dog number one: as i was waiting at the lights to cross the road at lunch time i saw a lovely white poodle. s/he was sitting proudly on the front passenger seat of a car while a human passenger sat, looking very hunched and uncomfortable, in the cramped back seat. it brought a smile to my face and made me very happy.

and just because there is not limit to happiness: eskimo joe are playing again at the enmore theatre on sept 18th. miss e and i have decided that we simply must go. another scottish band is the support - what an interesting but heartbreaking name for a band...

today's soundtrack:
the final straw : snow patrol

i'm off for some dinner and to clean up my flat. after several weeks of houseproud susan, it currently looks like a junk/clothing bomb has exploded...