Tuesday, August 24, 2004


i dragged out the old p.m.a. today and it still works. still a bit of a grump but a much better day. even my hour of enforced slavery doing call-centre backup passed quickly and i spoke to some really nice customers and no nasties. one lady even said i had been the most helpful person she had spoken to in the 7 years she has dealt with us - go me!

my old primary school is having a reunion of sorts shortly, to celebrate their 85th year. i'm so looking forward to that. my sister is planning to come down for it and i rang my childhood best friend to see if she can make it too. it should be fun.

happiness challenge:
duran duran are releasing their first album in 21 years - can't wait!!
tim & neil finn on rove live as i type this!

galleon : richard pleasance
colorblind: richard pleasance *
*daily coincidence - someone cruised by here today after doing a google search on the aforementioned mr pleasance...