Monday, August 23, 2004

on the up

monday madness!

1. Which is more fun, kid's toys or grown-up kid's toys? (ie. Lego's vs. power tools) um, kid's toys - i'm 43 or is that 4, maybe 3... i love blowing bubbles and i just got out my bottle of wedding bubbles and blew them around the room. i'm not very good with power tools.
2. What's your favorite food and why? Which food is your number one weakness? too hard!! anything tasty goes into the extensive list of favourites. i think my number one weakness is chocolate.
3. How many blogs/journals/diaries would you say you read? apart from all of the ones in my blogroll, i constantly read other blogs either via links at other blogs, blogsnob, blogrolling's fresh list, the 'next blog' button in the blogger navbar, anywhere i can find them.
4. Do you feel you have an obligation to spread your religious belief system to others, or do you think religion is a private matter that everyone needs to decide for themselves? religion is definitely a private matter. i don't believe any person should force their religious beliefs upon another and if they feel they have to, they should not then abuse and question the 'goodness' of the person they are preaching to, when their views are rejected... (guessed who has been preached to, too many times???)
5. Did you keep a paper journal before blogging? no, i tried but just could not do it. i think that having spent all of my working life (27 years next month) behind a keyboard, i find it easier to type it than write it.
6. Describe your life in 3 words. up and down
7. What was the last thing you were wrong about? ooohh, i won't tell you the details but i recently sent a rather vicious email to someone and while i think it was justified, it was probably the wrong thing to do. let's just say i've apologised and been forgiven (i hope...)
8. What one thing would you do to help the world be a better place for all? be nice, be happy , blow bubbles, sing, love , feel, think, communicate (oh bugger, i can never answer a 'one thing' question with just 'one thing'...)
9. Are you a dog person or a cat person? ha ha ha... dog!! i do like cats but i am obsessed with dogs (and just for the record, today was an 11 dog day!)
10. If you could start your own meme (And you can!), what kind of questions would you ask? probably something musical.

let's go bowling!
144, 109, 102 - 2 under average for the three games. i think we got zero points...

happiness challenge:
today was a good day. the coffee spill last week came back to haunt me - it got into the phone on my desk but i thought it was ok as the phone was still working. today when i had to log in to do back-up for the call centre, the buttons i need to log in has siezed up and i could not do it - break my heart!! it's been replaced now but at least i got one day free...

today's soundtrack:
the final straw : snow patrol
galleon : richard pleasance