Tuesday, August 03, 2004

motley monday

it was bank holiday today but we had to work - at least we get paid double time and a half - yippee! would have preferred a day off in lieu but that was not an option.

a 4 dog day. not much else exciting to report.

monday madness!

1. I always exercise my right to vote. (If you are under 18, 'I will always exercise my right to vote as soon as I am old enough to.') true, here in oz we have no choice. we get fined for not voting...
2. I pay little or no attention to the campaign ads aired on television prior to a presidential election. true, especially for american presidential elections i ignore the crap before aussie elections too.
3. I can see myself running for some type of political office someday. false, i'm too honest...
4. I believe we will see a woman become president in my lifetime. true, i certainly hope so!
5. I try to keep an open mind regarding all political issues. neither, i have no interest in politics. they are all liars and cheats who will promise anything to get elected and then break all of their election promises.
6. I believe the drinking age should be raised. true but it would not make a lot of difference. young people will still drink.
7. I think the legal age to vote should be raised. false
8. I thought these questions were interesting. true, but i have to answer from an australian viewpoint...
9. I will be back to play again! true, of course!!
~Bonus~ Question (stole this idea from wild fl0w3r!)
10. If I was the moderator of this meme, one question I would ask is........ Do you believe that you 'fit' the profile of your astrological star sign? (nice way to get questions otto!!)

let's go bowling!

no bowling tonight - i've done something to my back and it hurts so i'm going to rest up tonight...

today's soundtrack:
the final straw : snow patrol

oops, i almost forgot my happiness challenge!!
this morning miss e's yearly bus ticket got eaten by the ticket reader on the bus. the people at the bus depot were very helpful and got the ticket back to her this afternoon. i was very happy for her.

the always lovely & generous shirl has very kindly provided me with a link to put a google search on my wee bloggy. thanks shirl!!! you'll find the google search at blogbottom...