Saturday, August 21, 2004

saturday slug

click this thumbnail to see the big picture. get your own at typogenerator - linked in my sidebar... i had big plans to get all the housework done today so that tomorrow i could bugger off, up or down the coast. nah! i did the washing (but that was only because i didn't do it last weekend and i was quickly running out of clothes...) the rest of my flat still looks like a bunch of little oinkers lives here... i'm determined to get up early tomorrow and do what needs doing and at least go for a ferry ride around my beautiful harbour. my yearly travelpass allows me to ride on all the inner harbour ferries, so i can hop on and off to my heart's desire. like today, it should be 23°C tomorrow - perfect for being out on the water.

happiness challenge:
scraping the bottom of the happiness barrel today: drinking flat warm vanilla coke - i love flat warm coke!

today's soundtrack:
rage video that i taped last night
the voices in my head