Sunday, October 17, 2004

crazy lazy bones

a complete buttlazy day - slept until 11am then spent the rest of the day blogcruising and trying on new templates for my wee bloggy. i'm just not yet clever enough to make sense of the whats and hows and whatevers. i want a simple three column layout and i've managed to find lots. i'm having trouble working out how to drag my existing stuff into the new layout without losing anything and messing it up entirely. i'm considering writing my own template but it might take some time, considering my complete lack of proper html or web design skills. i'll also have to take into account the fact that i've somehow been crazy enough to sign on for writing a 50,000 word novel by november 30th... can you spell 'ambitious'??? maybe 'delusional' would be a more appropriate term...

  1. Dimension:: fifth...
  2. Roger:: message received
  3. CSI:: caesium iodide
  4. Passenger:: powderfinger
  5. Thankful:: aria awards
  6. Has-been:: yesterday's hero
  7. Bambino:: fiat
  8. Wrinkles:: not yet
  9. Cable TV:: not any more...
  10. Voicemail:: please leave your name and a brief message after the tone... beep!!
today's soundtrack:
o : damien rice
strangers : ed harcourt

p.s. i've found the design for my 2nd (and final) tattoo!! now i just have to decide where it will go...

update: after last week's heatwave and a relatively chilly maximum of 19°C today, tomorrow has a forecast maximum temperature of 15°C... with 17°C on tuesday and 19°C on wedenesday... i was worried that spring had been hijacked and now we've gone back to winter!! mind you, i'm not complaining!!