Sunday, October 10, 2004

snoozin' susan

i'll admit that i'm not terribly politically minded but i am very disappointed that this idiot has been given free rein to ruin our society & our country for another term. i'm going to make an effort to learn more about our political system. miss e and i ended up going to the labour club last night. a very subdued crowd but they cheered up when our newly elected mp entered the auditorium.

i ended up doing something nice today - i slept. a lot. sometimes it's nice to just spend the day snoozing and that is what i have done. i got up at 10.00am(ish) and by 12:15pm was yawning my head off so i went back to bed for a nap until 2.15pm. i had a punnet of delicious stawberries for a late lunch and have been lurking about on the net since. just thinking about sleeping has made me yawn again but i'll stay awake - if i snooze too much, i wont be able to sleep tonight.

after today's (lack of) activities, it's more like semi-conscious...

  1. Spacious:: skies
  2. Crash:: car...
  3. Autobiography:: poem
  4. Sparkly:: font
  5. Wild Thing:: the troggs
  6. Haagen-Das:: yum
  7. Sci-fi:: boring load of crap
  8. Voice:: over...
  9. Boy Scouts:: bob-a-job
  10. Grief:: good...
today's soundtrack:
roy & hg - always good for a giggle