Thursday, October 07, 2004


this post contains t.m.i. and bad words. the o.b.p.c. advises that if you are easily offended and can't deal with "women's things", you might as well go here and have a lurk about. normal service will resume tomorrow.

Sucky Horrid Iirritating Thursday - Frigging Incapacitating Girly Hurting Things

i woke up at 3am with tell tale pains. errghh, sometimes i hate being a woman... sadly, even though they work very well, i'm allergic to the 'nsaid' type painkillers, so i can't use them. i managed to get out of bed nice and early as i had planned but rather than taking my usual panadeine forte for 'the pain you can't explain', i took just plain paracetamol in order to keep my head clear for the interview. bad move - the panadol wore off about 20 minutes into it. the fact that they decided to hold the interview in a cafe, with all the noise and distractions available, was bad enough - the pain in my guts just made things worse. the job spec proved to be far more technical than the agent had described and to be honest, i did not warm to the two ladies asking the questions - it felt more like an interrogation. all in all, a waste of my time and theirs. jeez, i'm glad i've got 'plan b' to fall back on!! i'm giving some serious thought to making an effort to like my current job more - pros: miss e works there, the new swiss boy (who is very sweet), the comfort zone factor... cons: it sucks... job hunting is a pain in the arse.

anyway, i'm off to my nest now.

no soundtrack today. it was too much effort to fanny about with the earplugs.