Saturday, October 16, 2004

tea time

ugh... a little bit fragile this morning. a girl who used to work with us, ne, came into the city for a drink. famous last words - i'm only going for one! (at a time...) i was not leglessly drunk but not having any dinner is never a good move when you are drinking. it was a fun night and great to catch up with the lovely ne - her birthday is the day after mine and we both have a true cancerian soul.

this afternoon, miss e and i went to bondi junction for a spot of shopping. i have not been there since the new whizzbang westfield shopping centre opened - very funky, although full of overpriced designer shops that sell hideously expensive crap clothing at hideously stupid prices for hideously dumb people to buy... oops, i think i've ranted previously about my thoughts on 'designer' threads... anyway, there is a t2 shop there, so i am a happy girl. i used to have to stock up on my favourite chai whenever i went to melbourne - now it is only a bustrip away! i went mad and bought chai, some turkish apple tisane and some rooibos red tea with quince - very yummy! despite being a caffeine fiend, i'm also a total tea tart!

off to the new japanese restaurant down at the spot tonight with miss e and her cousin and his girlfriend. i've been craving japanese food for a while, so i'm looking forward to going there. must dash and get myself gorgeous... ha ha ha...

today's soundtrack:
kicking the national habit : grand national - at least 10 times - can you spell obsessed?
o : damien rice