Monday, October 18, 2004

just another boring monday

zero dogs due to the rain. if i had a dog, i'd take him for a walk in the rain.

monday madness!
otto says 'This week's questions are all about computers! Let's play, shall we??? (and let's make it fill-in-the-blanks....)'

1. I have reformatted my hard drive about zero times.
2. I usually reformat my hard drive about zero times a year.
3. When I'm working in a document, I save about every zero minutes.
4. I've upgraded my computer by adding nothing in the last 4 years. prior to that, it had pretty much everything except the floppy drive replaced..
5. I've got about twenty or thirty CD's/floppies with info on them and about 90% of them aren't labeled.
6. Since I've been using my computer, I find the easiest way to organize my files is to put them in folders and then forget which one.... (Looking for suggestions!!)
7. I have five email accounts.
8. Whenever I have a computer-related question, I usually call my computer some really bad names....
9. I usually use a search engine when looking for anything and everything - google rules!!.
10. My computer is about ten years old.

let's go bowling!
eek! 113, 91, 118 - i'm beginning to think i'm wasting my time. harryo bowled 230 in the first game so we managed 6 points but will probably stay at 4th place. ah, there is always next week.

today's soundtrack:
kicking the national habit : grand national

oh dear, i'm such a goose... i'm sitting here crying - i always cry at weddings. miranda on 'sex and the city' has just got married... then again, i cry at the drop of a hat.

good night!