Monday, October 04, 2004

labour day? not much labouring going on here...

went over to miss e's house last night. we went to the best bottle shop in sydney and got some pink champagne (to celebrate not having to work today!) and bottle of my favourite rosé. we ate take away lebanese food (which was very yummy. i've not had lebanese food for ages), watched tv and had a gossip & giggle session. i love long weekend sundays nights!

i'm having a very lazy monday but i must get away from the computer and do some washing and cooking - so i guess there will be some labour today.

monday madness!
otto says 'Since in this part of the world, we are in the midst of changing seasons, I was inspired to ask the following.......'

Using the letters in the word 'AUTUMN' describe your favorite season.
  • Actually, it's spring...
  • Unlimited blue skies
  • Totally agreeable temperatures
  • Urge to change things in my life
  • More inclined to get out and about
  • Not looking forward to summer
let's go bowling!
no bowling due to the labour day holiday...

today's soundtrack:
somersault : decoder ring