Friday, October 08, 2004

plan b is a much better idea....

another early start to be on time for my visit to the 2nd agency. i'm so glad i went. the young lady i spoke to was sooo nice. i took along the results of my recent skills test and she was suitably impressed. the job sounds very, very interesting and she is hoping to set up an interview early next week. the brother of a friend of mine used to work for the new prospective employer, so that gives me a good excuse to finally getting around to calling her this weekend to get some inside information. i'm already feeling very positive about this one - i hope it works out!

generally a better day all round. feeling much more betterer. 9 dogs. it's friday. a brief txt msg from mr kim letting me know he is still alive. bridget jones is on the tv (although i could just watch the dvd, i'm watching it on the teev anyway - just now at the part where mark darcy comes back at the end of the movie... what a honey...) had a nice chat with my friend jules tonight - she's off to malaysia for a week on business but we've planned to catch up in two weeks and hopefully leanne will be able to make it too - it will be the first time the three of have caught up together in at least 20 years!

good night!