Wednesday, October 06, 2004

same place, different faces

i have another
interview with
the same
potential employer
tomorrow morning
at 8.00am...
double eek!!
i will be meeting with two of the team members and if that goes well, i will get to meet with the team manager and the human resources lady. i'm not as nervous as i was last week but i'm sure that tomorrow morning will still involve a few butterflies.
i had also applied for another job, through another agency, when i first submitted my details to the current agency. after a few sets of telephone tennis, i finally made contact with the other agency today. the job with them is still available so i've organised to visit this new agent on friday morning. it is always good to have a plan b.
i had a long chat with the senior administrator in my team this evening. although she can sometimes be the bitch from hell, i can understand how stressed she is. she knows that most of our team are looking elsewhere for jobs and she understands why. there is a total lack of support from management and not enough training in the team. being forced to continue backing up the call centre just makes our job harder. apart from myself, i know of two others that are actively jobhunting (one has been for a third interview so it is likely he will get the job), one left last week, another girl leaves in two weeks and our temp girl will finish at the same time. i feel a bit guilty for wanting to leave but i have to look after number one.
now i'll go from bitching about the place to telling you that today i got a $25 voucher as part of the rewards & recognition program - you can earn points from colleagues, management or from positive customer feedback and when you have accrued 25 points, you get the voucher. it's my second one in two years and while i appreciate it, it doesn't make up for the rest of the crap...

a 9 dog day and now i'm off to get some sleep. i have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow!

today's soundtrack:
the runaway found : the veils
the final straw : snow patrol