Wednesday, October 27, 2004

help!! blogger has crapped itself. i've not been able to visit any blogspots all
afternoon!! i'm having rather severe bloggy withdrawal symptoms so this has been posted
via the marvels of blogging by e-mail...

i had a very nice day off. slept in until 9am. went to see 'shall we dance' - fabulous.
richard gere has still got it. a 41 dog day - 37 of them were in the two pet shops at
beastgardens - i wish i could have bought all of them. i was watching four gorgeously
cute jack russell pups playing 'jump'n'bark'n'bite' when a loud whoop-whoop type alarm
went off. they stopped jumping immediately and looked at me as if to say 'wtf!!' i talked
to them through the glass and let them know they were safe. as soon as the alarm stopped,
they went happily back to their game. i wanted one (or all) of these dogs so much, i
nearly cried.

i hope bloggers gets better soon!