Saturday, October 30, 2004

spring forward, fall back

the biggest event of the day was the previously blogged kitchen fire. apart from that, i blog cruised, put my idea for a new template on hold and decided on the name of my nanowrimo attempt. i also slept a fair bit. sleep is good.

i also had a nice long chat with colorado tim - he is very good for my soul.

cooked a yummy lamb & vegetable korma curry for tonight's dinner and managed not to set fire to anything!

daylight saving starts tonight so i'm going to lose an hour somewhere shortly. i hate the first week after the clocks go forward - my internal timekeeper gets confused and that, in turn, confuses me.

today's soundtrack:
kicking the national habit : grand national
the final straw : snow patrol
when it's all over we still have to clear up : snow patrol
son of evil reindeer : reindeer section